Nai’a Elle

Welcome, mahalo for being here. 
Growing up on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Nai’a strongly believes that Mother Nature and the ocean are connected to us. “The Hawaiian culture believes that everything is connected and there’s a process to all of nature that can be shared between all things. We call it “Alōha”. It simply translates to “love”.”
Each of her artworks are inspired by Mother Nature and Spirit.  As she learned this craft from years of first-hand experience through her family’s business and has always had a passion for art and design, she continues this journey by pouring her heart into her craftsmanship so that every piece is unique and meaningful. As she Spent her life on the Big Island witnessing its magical energy and it’s her mission to share it with you and the world. 
With every purchase, 5% of each sale will be donated to a local organization. Please visit to learn more and keep up to date with how they’re actively helping our ocean and its animals in the Hawaiian Islands through their many different ways.
With love always,
Nai’a Elle